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It’s that time of year again – storm season in Queensland! Storm season generally starts during the later weeks of September, when the temperature starts to rise once again. Queensland storms are usually quick however can be very destructive. When they catch you off guard, you can find yourself stuck in high winds, torrential rain, […]

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PROPERTY MANAGER VS SELF-MANAGED Quite often I will be asked the question, “Why do I need a Property Manager, don’t you just fix leaking taps”? The short answer is no. So, you’ve purchased an investment property, well done! But where do you go from here? To start earning rental income, you must find tenants for […]

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How a depreciation schedule can save you money at tax time

Running Property’s introduction to claiming depreciation on your investment property As a property investor, there’s nothing more exciting than buying your first investment property and getting your first statement from your property manager showing your rent coming in. But did you know that, even though rental income is the main priority for property investors, there […]

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New Smoke Alarm Legislation 2022

As you may be aware the New Smoke Alarm Legislation is fast approaching and we need to ensure your properties are compliant before the deadline! All properties in Queensland must be upgraded by 31 December 2021.   All QLD Landlords must ensure that smoke alarms are installed in rented properties and compliant to new amendments to the Queensland Fire and Emergency […]

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Renting to Pet Owners

Anthony Wright, Head Property Manager for Running Property, gives us insight into renting to pet owners. Over the years I have dealt with multiple tenants who have struggled to secure a rental property simply for having a pet. Having over thirteen years of experience in this role, it is on the very rare occasion a […]

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The top 10 things tenants look for in a rental property

Contacting you when there’s an issue. Always paying on time. Respecting your property and the neighbourhood.

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