Welcome to Running Property Proactive Asset Management

We provide residential property management services to investment home owners all around Australia, working to maximise their rental yield.

Property maintenance

Partnering closely with GW Homes, we have 40+ years’ experience as builders at our disposal and can rely on them to assist with any structural or maintenance issues.

Rental property appraisal

Find out the rental value of your investment with a FREE property appraisal.

Rental property letting

We make advertising your property fast and easy.

Lease renewal and lease negotiation

Our agency will work with you during this time, with the goal to have your property re-listed for rent as soon as possible.

Experience proactive asset management

Based in South East Queensland, we take a professional, proactive approach to property management. We’re not content simply to maintain the status quo and accept our fee.

Instead, we actively seek ways to improve the attractiveness of your rental property for tenants, to ensure your asset returns the maximum yield. Running Property are proud to be affiliated with a number of well-established Queensland builders, all of whom have satisfied our strict quality standards.

Thanks to these associations, we can provide absolute top quality homes to investors, ensuring problems are minimised and any maintenance issues are addressed promptly.

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