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Renting to Pet Owners

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Anthony Wright, Head Property Manager for Running Property, gives us insight into renting to pet owners.

Over the years I have dealt with multiple tenants who have struggled to secure a rental property simply for having a pet. Having over thirteen years of experience in this role, it is on the very rare occasion a pet can cause considerable damage, which can’t be rectified by the tenant or simply deducted from the bond. In too many cases Landlords are being put off by horror stories they may have heard on TV or by friends and family.

For any Investor buying property in family areas they need to expect that in most cases a cat or dog will be part of that family. With rentals markets continuously changing, owners cannot afford to be emotional with their decisions. An Investment Property is for financial reward and isn’t purchased to sit vacant. By eliminating a large group of potential tenants, owners are putting themselves at risk of having a vacant property for longer than expected.

At Running Property, I encourage Landlords to accept pets so there is no possibility of limiting who may inspect your property. Our focus is ensuring properties are thoroughly checked during the tenancy so there is no nasty surprises upon vacating. If, during a tenancy a pet dog or cat becomes an issue and is causing damage, measures can be taken so this issue does not escalate.

As an Investment Property owner, Landlord Insurance is a must, providing extra protection for potential issues caused by tenants including pets.

Therefore if you have a quality property manager, Landlord Insurance and bond in place, there is simply no concern for accepting pets.

Anthony Wright | Head of Property Management

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